One-Stop Business Consulting

Free consultation and advice from specialists and professionals.
Available in-person at our offices or by telephone and email.

Business Innovation
Order Receiving
Academic Collaborations
Urgent Subcontracting
Monday - Friday

Small/mid-sized business support
Business innovation techniques
Government financial institutions and prefectural/municipal financing systems
Capital investment loans
Credit guarantee financing systems
Working with new clients/suppliers
Developing new products through collaboration with academic institutions
Problems with subcontractors

Sales Strategies Monday/Thursday Cultivating markets for new products
Marketing techniques
Design Monday/Wednesday Increasing products' added valu
Every other Friday Designing better logos, packaging, and pamphlets
Labor Thursday Points to be aware of when hiring
Labor law revisions
Taxes Tuesday Corporate and income taxation
Proper bookkeeping and tax return filing
Techniques Friday Technical/development problems
Product/technical development support
International Transactions Monday/Tuesday/Thursday Overseas transactions
Overseas investment
Information Technology Monday IT for business operations
Creating/utilizing a company website
Legal Concerns Wednesday
1 PM - 4 PM
Legal problems
(Lawyers available for consultation (up to 30 minutes) on specific matters)

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